Seba & That Guy

Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, Dance, Christian, and More.

Seba and That Guy is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. They provide solo, duo, or multiple piece live music for all types of events. Seba and That Guy is more than just a weird name. Pronounced “Say-Bah”, Seba is short for Sebastian Zaldibar on vocals and guitar. The “That Guy” portion is entirely intentional.  Whenever people see a guy playing drums, keyboard, and bass, all at the same time, they ask the inevitable question, “who’s that guy playing all of those instruments?” The answer? Matt  Sparks, who graces the stage with this incredible skill and ability to coordinate simultaneous instrumental parts at once. It is a true sight to behold!

The combination of Sebastian and Matt bring you two of the best musicians around, and are guaranteed to make your event a success.







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