Nova Era

Classic Music with a Groove!

Based in Orlando, Florida, Nova Era breaths new life into classical music with a modern twist. If you think a classical performance is too formal or dull, then you owe it to yourself to check out Nova Era. Nova Era was created by producer/composer Andres Roca and Oboist Maria Luisa Coppelli in 1999. Previous engagements include international performances in Venice, Paris, The Palace at Versailles, Dubai UAE, Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Las Vegas and NYC just to name a few. What’s more, the ensemble usually performs in handcrafted 18th century costumes, and ornate, powdered wigs.


About Nova Era

Nova Era is an ensemble of classically trained musicians. Sometimes dressed in their 18th century costumes and powdered wigs (and sometimes in simple black) the trio updates Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach by adding drums, electric bass, and keyboards to traditional string instruments. Nova Era was Founded in 1999 by Producer/Composer Andres Roca and Oboist Maria Luisa Coppelli. Nova Era’s distinct sound is evident in original works by producer/composer Andres Roca. Roca has created a special chemistry with his focus on the oboe, cello, and violin.



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